the tides of my connectedness to the world are precarious these days

as political upheaval and violence rage near and far / occupy wall street / damascus

as democratic principles are blatantly undermined / robocalls / bill 22

as the environment faces a likely death sentence / enbridge / wild salmon

as trauma is lived and re-lived / switzerland bus crash / tori stafford

as women are ravaged by the law / RIP amina, morocco / GOP war on women

and yet


in spite of the fear that grips my chest in an iron clasp of panic

in spite of the anxiety that threatens to swallow me whole

i have an uncontrollable urge to love, love, love.

love big and hard and fast and strong and wide.

i want to love until my heart cracks so wide open

that the possibility of ever closing it up

with intolerance or passivity

with willing blindness or self-interested ennui

or with the jadedness of fear and vulnerability

is no more

no more

no more.






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